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Ariana Grande has long been an advocate for voting and voters’ rights. In 2019, she partnered with HeadCount to set up voter registration booths at her Sweetener World Tour venues, setting a record for registration. And on Tuesday, March 23rd, Grande demonstrated her support for voters in Louisville, Kentucky, in the best possible way, barring a live performance: food and coffee.

“sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line ! please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u,” Grande tweeted.

Tuesday marked the primary Election Days in Kentucky, New York, and Virginia. But Kentucky has come under fire for the state’s perceived (read: blatant) voter suppression tactics, which particularly affect Black voters. Typically, the state has 3,700 polling locations. But due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the state expanded its mail-in ballot access and cut down in-person polling stations to just 200. And Jefferson County, in which the state’s largest Black population lives, had just one polling station.

That shocking paucity of polling sites explains the significant traffic delays and long lines outside Louisville’s Kentucky Expo Center, the county’s sole polling location—and why Grande’s food and coffee truck was so appreciated.

You can head to the National Conference of State Legislatures to find out when your state is holding its primary election if you haven’t marked it on your calendar already. (Grande-catered food and coffee not guaranteed.)

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