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New Yorkers always seem to get it right. With the streets and the subway as their runway, they truly use every opportunity to show off their personal style, and that is one of the many things I personally love about the city. Even though their stereotypical all-black uniform still rings true, stylish city girls love experimenting with new trends and style types, and today, I am here to highlight the latest trendy items New Yorkers have been loving so far in 2021. 

Ahead, you’ll see a lovely curation of some of my favorite New Yorkers to follow featuring all of the cool new items and trends they’ve been spotted wearing recently. From bold colored leather to the jewelry brand everyone’s talking about, I have a feeling that if you’ve been in dire need of a mini wardrobe makeover, that this story will pull you right out of that sartorial slump in no time. 

It seems as though fashion girls (specifically in New York) are more than ready to break out of the neutrals they have been living in and break out bold hues of all kinds. Since leather trench coats were a major trend amongst city girls, it only makes sense that colored leather outerwear was the first to arrive at the scene.  

If there is one thing New Yorkers love, it’s their sneakers. Over the years, we’ve watched the world of sneaker trends evolve from Balenciaga Triple S’s to New Balances and back again, but apparently, this year is the year of the Air Jordan. Coming in an array of colorways, this sneaker is one to buy into as you can buy old, new, or collectibles thanks to sites like GOAT and Flight Club. 

Jewelry check! If you’re looking to spice up your life, La Manso rings are where it’s at. These colorful little buggers are making quite a name for themselves all over Instagram and the latest crew to buy in just so happens to be some of my favorite New York style icons. 

When it comes to tops, New Yorkers have been really pulling out all the stops. It seems like the louder the print, the better. Specifically, however, loud black and white prints have taken center stage. Including large checkerboard prints, swirly sweaters, and warped geometric shapes of all kinds, there is definitely a trend bubbling here and we’re all for it. 

Swapping chunky boots for chunky loafers and Oxfords has been the move for stylish New Yorkers all fall and winter long. The trend reads well with loose denim and long coats, short skirts and ankle socks, and much more. 

Next up, discover seven emerging fashion girls we’re loving. 

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