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In the massive world that is fashion, personal style wouldn’t exist if everyone dressed the same way. While trends may come and go in waves of popularity, there’s always a mix of styles reigning at the top. It’s never all quite the same and consumers pick and choose what they connect to. While I’ve always been aware that there was a variety of styles in fashion, it wasn’t till this past year that I was aware of the aesthetic groups attached to a specific look, creating club-like communities in fashion and lifestyle for people to center the way they dress around.

During the pandemic, fashion might have not been the most significant part of it all, but the way people dressed changed in the way that people took the pause to rethink the clothes they wear and how they truly feel about them. For others, this past year was about experimentation. Many people realized that they can’t pinpoint their taste down to one aesthetic, so they took the time to try out many. When it comes to the way I dress, I’ve learned I don’t like to attach myself to a specific category. Rather, I like to dabble in each, which clearly reflects my scattered personality and mixed interests. 

It may seem like there’s a new aesthetic popping up every day, so I scanned the internet and decided I’d round up the most popular ones today. Whether you’re looking to find other styles that may interest you or have centered around one and are just curious, keep scrolling to read more. 

When I first saw low-rise jeans and glitter pants on social media, I was nervous. But as Y2K slowly made it’s way back into the fashion scene, I’m actually embracing it. While today’s outfits inspired by the era may not be exact replicas of the looks Destiny’s Child and Paris Hilton donned in their time, the modern takes on velour and baguette bags are growing on me. I may even have added a specific classic Coach bag to my cart. 

Cottagecore may have held a reign during this past summer, but period pieces like Emma and Bridgerton brought a more royal take to the style scene with corsets, pearl accessories, and lots of airy dresses fit for a stroll in a garden. Brands like Dôen and Erdem have mastered this romantic style with their use of dramatic volume and romantic prints fit for any girl wanting to pretend they’re the diamond of the season.

When Euphoria first hit the TV screens in 2019, the risky fashion and stand-out makeup looks were all you saw across the internet. Almost two years later, there’s still a fascination with the style the show has created, with many of today’s top trends resembling anything Maddy Perez would wear—from cutout pants and matching glitter sets to crop tops and fishnets. If you’re a risky dresser, you’ll fit right into the crew. 

Even if you live nowhere near Paris, you can still relate to the minimal style that has been associated with the French girl. From streamlined blazers to minimal jewelry, the style centers itself in a classic wardrobe with pieces that are not only chic and forward but also versatile.

When I saw a surge of teddy bear T-shirts, smiley face jewelry, and tie-dye on the market, I couldn’t help but smile at the nostalgia it brought. While pieces apart of the Kidcore aesthetic may seem silly to some, I’m completely on board with this little fun touch to fashion. Childhood was no doubt a simpler time, and by bringing back certain styles from the past, it can bring on the carefree feeling we felt in our youth. 

What I once only saw on street style stars or the runways of designers like Christopher John Rogers and Molly Goddard started to trickle into the mainstream. More fashion folk were playing around with bright colors and loud prints, spreading a wave of confidence in dressing amongst those who wanted to follow suit. Instead of sticking to one pop of color in outfits, it became more popular to mix and match shades and prints. This doesn’t stop at just clothes, as it’s made its way into the beauty and home décor scene as well, backing up the notion that one’s fashion aesthetics can attach itself to entire lifestyles. 

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From Parisian chic to kidcore.
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