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It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is almost over, and as if I wasn’t already looking forward to the new year enough, I decided to source some sartorial inspiration to get me even more hyped. Even though I am fully aware that loungewear will still be my go-to next year, I am the kind of person who gets excited by really cool outfits, and the 9 outfit ideas ahead are truly next-level. No really—they are so good that I am saving them for 2021 and 2021 only. 

Ahead, take a look at the 9 new outfit ideas that I am very excited to try to recreate come the new year. Featuring an assortment of some of my favorite trends like bustier tops, chunky boots, and more, there is definitely a lot going on here, but after almost a year of a pretty drab wardrobe, I am more than ready to spice things up. 

What You’ll Need: Puffy Dress + Chunky Boots  What You’ll Need: Cropped Cardigan + Plaid Mini Skirt + Knee-High Boots What You’ll Need: Pastel Blazer + Brown Leather Pants + Chunky Boots  What You’ll Need: Corset Top + Mini Skirt  What You’ll Need: Trench Coat + Button-Down Shirt + Shorts + Wellies  What You’ll Need: Blazer + Bustier + Trousers + Vans What You’ll Need: Printed Top + Leopard Print Pants What You’ll Need: Big Chain Necklace + Strapless Dress + Menswear-Inspired Footwear  What You’ll Need: Bustier + Tailored Trousers + Loafers  Next up, read up on all of the brands, trends, and items that mattered most in 2020.

Immediately yes.
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