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Everyone’s got that one outfit that they repeat more than they’d like to admit. Whether it’s a comfort-zone thing or a matter of not having ample time (or coffee) to think before stepping out in the morning, we all need that fail-safe ‘fit that we know won’t disappoint, or worse, flop.

The funny thing, however, is that every person’s go-to look is unique—even if the difference is ever-so-slight (such as opting for a blazer and jeans with a tee versus a turtleneck, or loafers instead of boots). And the great thing about that is that we can always learn from others. That’s why I’ve asked my fellow Who What Wear editors to weigh in today on the basic outfits they wear over and over again to inspire not just myself but you, our readers, too. As always, they didn’t disappoint, so to see, read about, and shop all nine of the looks, including my own, just keep scrolling.

I’ve come to learn that it’s really hard to mess up an outfit with no colors in it. So whenever I’m in a pinch, I put on black pants (in this case faux leather), black boots, and a white top. Throw on a simple sweater or jacket as needed, and you really can’t go wrong. “If I’m getting ready and don’t have time to put together a new look, I always reach for a foolproof outfit formula that I know will work. Recently, that’s been turtleneck and jeans worn with a blazer and ankle boots. Nothing makes me feel pulled together faster.” “I wear jeans 85% of the time (unless it’s summer), usually with a tucked-in tee or sweater and some sort of cool coat or jacket and ankle boots. I try to mix things up, but I always just want to be wearing this.” “My go-to outfit during winter and transition to spring is a turtleneck plus a pair of pants, topping off the look with a third piece. In this scenario, that was a vegan-leather button-down on top. Otherwise, I’ll throw a sweater on top or a jacket. Since the outfit is made up primarily of basics, a pair of statement shoes jazzes up the look.” “Okay, ignore the bag here, but clothing-wise, this pretty much sums up my go-to basic outfit. I wear this look—a sweatshirt, moto jacket, black jeans, and boots—at least three times per week because it’s easy and always cool (in my eyes at least).” “I basically live in straight-leg jeans and beige blazers. (I have an embarrassingly large collection of both.) I’ll usually layer a basic white tee, turtleneck, or blouse underneath the blazer depending on the day. A pair of modern loafers are my go-to shoes of choice to finish the look. A basic formula but always a winner.” “I rely on my wardrobe basics a ton to put together outfits that are easy but still really cool, and the base to so many of them is a pair of rigid, high-rise jeans like this Reformation pair. Then I’ll add in a crisp white tee, basic ankle boots, and a leather jacket to pull it all together and, depending on my mood, play around with different accessories and jewelry.” “This might not look like the most ‘basic’ outfit due to the printed top, but I promise you it’s so easy to re-create. Leather pants have become a fresh basic in my wardrobe this season. I try to wear them when I feel a bit bored of my jeans or when I need to jazz up a white tee. I also wear my trench coats on a regular basis. Whether I’m layering them underneath a heavier coat (NY life) or on their own as a lightweight topper, I find their timeless nature suits so much of my wardrobe. “ “I always, always start with jeans and a white tee. From there, I add an interesting blazer or sweater—maybe it’s a plaid Ganni blazer, a quilted House of Sunny jacket, or, in this case, a tweed Maje sweater. Since I’m tall, I’m usually wearing flats or block heels, so I love the Mary Jane trend right now. Easy, peasy.”

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