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We’ve reached the point during winter in which it’s cold every. single. day. If you hate winter, don’t even bother checking the Weather app these days, as it will undoubtedly depress you—just put on your warmest coat and give yourself a pep talk. As such, when I stare at my shoes every time I’m to venture outdoors lately, I just reach for my Ugg Ultra Mini boots and congratulate myself for putting on shoes that aren’t house slippers.

Based on my Instagram research, I know that I’m not alone in this, as I found plenty of outfits anchored by Uggs in my feed. And I couldn’t help but notice the trends that are being worn with them. Perhaps more than ever, Uggs are becoming much more of a fashion item than just the shoes you throw on to walk the dog, and pairing them with other trends makes them look even cooler. So with that, keep scrolling to shop the trends fashion people are wearing with Uggs, along with some of my personal favorite pairs.

It’s no surprise that Uggs are being worn with polo sweaters, as they’re one of winter’s biggest sweater trends. I love the preppy, polished feel they give to the casual boots. It makes sense that the ultimate throw-them-on-and-go shoes would be worn with a jacket that goes by the same description. Tie-dye sweatpants and Uggs are a WFH match made in heaven. If you’re experiencing tie-dye sweatpants fatigue, seeing how fun they look with Uggs may remedy that. In case you really want to embrace the cozy vibe, wear them with a fleece pullover or jacket (and leggings, if these outfits leave you inspired). This obviously works best with Uggs that are on the shorter side, but a pair of fashion socks peeking out adds instant interest to your outfit. In case you get tired of wearing dark colors in the winter, let this serve as a reminder that winter whites are a thing. You knew it was coming: the matching sweatsuit. Always cool and more of a wardrobe essential than ever. I suggest wearing it with a chic wool coat if you want to kick things up a notch. Shop the matching Track Pants ($145). Shop the matching Long Terry Shorts ($121). A long wool coat might not be an obvious outerwear choice with Ugg boots, but just look at how chic this is. The Ugg It boots of the season have finally restocked (and in a few new colors). I love a slipper that can also be worn outside. I’m very drawn to this Chocolate color. J.Lo wears these, so there’s that. Just for fun (and warmth). So many celebrities own these.

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In case they’re glued to your feet.
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