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Last year was weird, but I have high hopes that 2021 will be at least a little better than its predecessor. I don’t know about you, but even though we have been existing in this at-home lifestyle since March, it took the end of an entire year for me to finally accept that what I’m looking at might be the new normal. As someone who reports on fashion for a living, I am no stranger to the shift in the industry as everyone has gravitated away from fancy frills and towards a more low-key (and comfortable) way of dressing. Loungewear and athleisure attire are categories that are by no means strangers to us now, but there’s something else on the docket I’d like to discuss today and that, my friends, is lingerie

You wear it every day whether it’s lacey and matching or not, so it only makes sense that you give it the love and attention it deserves this year. Since all you’re really wearing is sweatpants and underpinnings anyway, an article about this honestly just makes sense. I reached out to two of the biggest experts in the business—Jennifer Zuccarini, founder and creative director of Fleur du Mal and Sameera Hassan, chief marketing and customer engagement officer of La Perla—to get the scoop on what we can expect from the lingerie world in 2021. Including seductive hues, practical yet pretty bras, and more, the lingerie experts ahead are here to explain the latest and greatest when it comes to the lingerie trends that will matter most this year. The trends ahead are exciting yet practical and will no doubt make your year ten times better so long as you add a few of the products below to your cart. 

“We see this trend happening in our collection as well as on the runway (see Valentino, Loewe, Balmain). Lingerie is a very emotional category and bright colors are uplifting, seductive, and stimulating. People are looking for moments of joy through small pleasures right now. Color is also a nice break from black and neutrals.”—Jennifer Zuccarini, founder and creative director, Fleur du Mal

“There is a transformative power in wearing a piece of beautiful silk and how it can make you feel. Made from pure silk satin, they are supremely soft and effortlessly chic and can be worn to sleep in or as a luxurious separate during the day. They really are an everyday luxury!”—Sameera Hassan, chief marketing and customer engagement officer, La Perla

“Although some believe we will be wearing sweatpants forever, I think people are dying to dress up and go out again (I know I am) and that starts with beautiful lingerie as the foundation. During the pandemic, we actually saw an increase in people shopping for sexier sets and we see that continuing into 2021.”—Zuccarini 

“With time at home increasing, so has our customers’ increased desire for comfort. We have subsequently seen an increase in popularity for our high-waisted briefs and expect this to continue throughout the coming months. The high-waisted briefs from our Maison Contouring line are proving particularly popular. This line is created from three different levels of tulle and is innovatively designed to support and complement, not constrict. The collection embodies La Perla’s intimate understanding of the female form, making customers feel supported, confident, and empowered.”—Hassan

“Cropped bra tops and lingerie-inspired ready to wear are trends we see continuing for 2021. Crop tops are everywhere (runway, celebrity dressing, etc.) with continued attention to the midriff balanced out in 2021 with more of an oversized trouser.”—Zuccarini

“Alongside the briefs, we are also expecting to see an increase in the desire for casual, everyday bras. We have recently introduced our Imagine line, which features La Perla’s logo beautifully embroidered onto more casual modal and silk mix monochrome styles. Women are prioritizing their own comfort, but not compromising style or craftsmanship and this line is really the epitome of that. Each piece feels incredibly soft against the skin and really is the perfect addition to our ever-growing work-from-home wardrobe!”—Hassan

“With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are expecting to see an increase in lingerie, particularly the red and pink varieties. Our Layla and Maison lines are perfect for Valentine’s Day treat for yourself or your significant other. We celebrated Maison’s 25th anniversary in 2020—it is our most iconic and best-selling collection. Crafted in our Bologna atelier made with Italian silk from Como and finished by hand with artisanal Florentine Frastaglio embroidery, these pieces emanate a sense of luxury and timelessness.”—Hassan

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