6 Skincare Ingredients to Keep Your Eye on

There are certain resolutions that shoot to the top of the list every year—remember to floss, hit the gym more… you know the ones. For me, finding the perfect skincare routine is always top of mind, but especially when a new year begins. My skin deserves a fresh start too! In case you’re also considering shaking up your beauty stash this year, I dug up six skincare ingredients that you are going to hear about non-stop this year. That way, you know exactly what’s what on your next Sephora run.

1. Microbiome ingredients

Because so many brands are doing their best to incorporate organic and wild ingredients into their formulas, you’re going to see a lot of ingredients from plants that have a rich ethnobotanical history. While the overarching term being used is “microbiome,” these products are often made up of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients. Other ingredients fit the microbiome bill, such as squalene, which has antioxidant-rich properties and is known to promote oxygenation and cell regeneration. Basically, these types of ingredients utilize plant-based bacteria (AKA the good kind) to give you brighter and smoother skin. Prepare to see any wrinkles decrease too!

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2. Frankincense and myrrh

It’s time to kick it old school with these ingredients that are getting a lot of buzz in the skincare world. Myrrh helps treat spots from acne and damaged skin, while frankincense can also help fade acne scars and can fight against premature aging. Basically, if you’re looking for gentle help achieving an even skin tone and a major glow, you may want to check these out.

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3. Elderberry and elderflower

Two more plant-based ingredients you’ll see around a lot in the near future are elderberry and elderflower. While you may be used to finding these ingredients in your favorite craft cocktail, they can also help soften skin, as well as treat acne, blemishes, rashes, and sunburns. Because both elderflower and elderberry are naturally anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, they excel at protecting against premature aging and free radical damage. They also contain antifungal compounds that help keep the skin healthy and clear.

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4. Niacinamide

I kept hearing the ingredient niacinamide being thrown around in the beauty world, and I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what that meant. Luckily, I did some digging and found out this mystery ingredient is a major crowd-pleaser. What doesn’t this miracle ingredient do? Niacinamide works to reduce inflammation which in turn can help soothe eczema, acne, and similar inflammatory skin conditions. You’ll also get pore minimizing, skin smoothing, and moisturizing benefits while you’re at it. What a deal. Expect to see this in dozens of product formulations this year.

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5. Bakuchoil oil & bakuchi seed oil

I love retinol, there’s no denying that. It works well for my skin, but for those who have skin that is on the more sensitive side, it can be a bit rough. This is where bakuchoil oil comes in. This natural alternative to retinol (which has benefits like increased collagen production, skin-cell turnover, unclogged pores, minimized fine lines, even skin tone, and less acne) comes from the naturally-occurring antioxidant found in the leaves and seeds of the babchi herb.

Here’s where it gets good: scientific studies have shown that bakuchiol functions the same way retinol does. While bakuchoil oil gets the majority of the attention, you may see some skincare brands utilizing the extract from the bakuchiol seed known as bakuchi seed oil.

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6. Oat milk

Those with a sensitive stomach may have already turned to oat milk in their lattes, and those with sensitive skin will surely appreciate the soothing and gentle skincare benefits that oat milk can offer. This powerful antioxidant and humectant is an ideal addition to face cleansers, as well as moisturizing serums and creams. We’ll take a glass of oat milk and some new skincare products, please!

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