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Anyone who spends a lot of time with me knows that I’m not one to really switch up my style. Not only do I like to wear versions of the same thing—jeans and a tee—nearly every day, but my tendencies fall on the simpler side, with basics making up the bulk of my wardrobe and statement pieces earning more of a small, supporting role. This is why, whether I retire a trend or adopt a new one (as it usually takes me a while to warm up to them), it’s a pretty big deal.

So since we’re at the start of the year and all about new beginnings, I figured I’d update you on the trends I’m all about right now as well as those which will stay in 2021—for now. To read about all 10 as well as see and shop the five I’m wearing right now and in the months ahead, just keep scrolling. 

This should come as no surprise since the leather trend has only been gaining more and more steam for multiple seasons now, but as the weather continues to get colder, I find myself reaching for the luxe material even more often while leaving its shinier counterparts in my closet for the time being. While timeless leopard print will always have a place in my heart (and my wardrobe), lately my snake-print pieces have felt more of-the-moment and thus have had a more solid spot in my weekly outfit rotation. I’ve acquired a lot of dainty necklaces over the years and for the last two or three have been known to wear several at a time almost every day. Lately, however, I’ve preferred to wear just one more substantial piece such as a chunky chain or a tennis style as opposed to layering several. Whereas I used to add a pop of contrast in one of my typical all-black outfits with a touch of neon, I’ve found that lately, I prefer making a subtler statement by incorporating other neutrals into my looks such as beige and gray. Don’t worry, statement coats are still a foolproof way to make a basic outfit more interesting, but I’ve been more inclined to wear classic styles that still hold their own. This includes wool, shearling, and faux-fur coats, all in more neutral colors.

Up next, Here’s How to Dress Up for a Date-Night at Home.

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