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Ready for a digestible roundup of stunning trends? Because these ladies ahead are the queens of dressing to the nines day in and day out. Whenever I am in need of a sartorial pick-me-up, I always turn to two of my favorite It girls who just so happen to be over 45. To me, age is irrelevant when it comes to fashion and style, and the below images will prove exactly that. When it comes to the women’s style featured here, it is clear that they always pay attention to the finer details of an outfit. After taking a deep dive into their recent looks, I was able to identify five trends that resulted in a stunning outfit every time.

Ahead, discover the stunning trends these women are taking a strong liking to right now. In this context, stunning doesn’t have to mean unapproachable or “fancy.” Instead, the stunning nature of each trend is revealed in the little things like the architectural chain strap on a handbag or the rich-looking addition of a milky white coat. Scroll down to read exactly what we mean.

The longer you look at “tissue” tops, the more stunning they become. Their visibly delicate nature makes them eye-catching for more reasons than one. As a wearer, your outfit options are endless, as these thin stylish layering pieces will go with almost anything.  The ’80s made a major comeback this spring season, particularly in the party-dressing arena. Think puffy sleeves, bubble hems, metallic ruffles, and sequins galore. This is one trend that brings back the kind of glamour that has a bit more nostalgia attached to it.  Large luxurious links are here to make all of your handbag woes that much more elevated. No matter how big or small your bag is, this massive chain trend has officially worked its way down from jewelry to carryalls, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.  Sticking to an all-black coat is pretty much the norm if you live somewhere that’s freezing all the time, so to switch things up a bit, women have been opting for all-white coats (and sometimes looks overall) to breathe some fresh air into their otherwise dark winter wardrobe.  Daringly sweet and stunning necklines have infiltrated the ready-to-wear market this season, with Khaite’s ribbed knits and Bottega’s ruched plunging necklines leading the pack. However, it’s the sweetheart neckline that we find the most striking. From knitwear to cocktail dresses, this is one neckline we’re leaning into this spring. Next up, shop all the best under $100 items in this editor’s cart right now. 

Get ready for glam.
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