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Lately, when I take a look inside my closet, I feel uninspired. I feel like the contents of my wardrobe are stale and are in desperate need of a little refresh. Since I still feel less inclined than I did before (pre-2020) to constantly dive head-first into every new trend that came to my attention, I had to give this story a good think. What items would make my current wardrobe feel fresh but also cool but also not too try-hard? Do such items exist? Am I reaching for the stars here? Since I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat, I’ll go right ahead and share what I landed on.

Ahead you’ll discover the 5 simple items I’m currently buying that I am convinced will freshen-up my 2021 wardrobe. Featuring a mixture of basics, basics with a twist, and a new bubbling trend I can’t wait to share with you, I am confident that by adding these pieces to my closet, the pre-existing contents of my wardrobe will instantly come back to life. The idea here is to enhance what you’re already working with instead of starting from the ground up. Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean. 

I definitely own way too many pairs of boots for my own good, but one color missing from my assortment is butter-yellow. Some of my favorite shoe brands like By Far and Neous came out with knee-high boots in this exact hue and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I expect they will make any outfit look ten times more interesting with little to no effort. This is a micro-trend I plan on expanding on in the coming weeks, but I have been eyeing some of my favorite fashion girls sporting these grandpa-esque Harrington jackets. I am personally very excited by this jacket style and find it to make a lot of sense. It gives your outfit that relaxed oversized look and from what I’ve seen, this trend goes with just about everything.  I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect pair of loose jeans ever since I decided to denounce rigid denim for the foreseeable future. While I have a couple of pairs that I am quite fond of, I don’t feel 100% satisfied, but this year, locking down the perfect pair for me is at the top of the to do list.    I guess we can blame it on this new at-home lifestyle, but sweats of all kinds have made quite a name for themselves this year. My personal favorites (that I have yet to purchase) are sweatsuits in neutral colors. I love how fashion girls have been getting inventive with the way they’ve been styling them and I plan on following in their footsteps.  There are a lot of new dress trends floating around this year, but these beautiful backless frocks have caught my attention more than all the rest. To some, this dress might not seem so “simple” but to me, they have just enough detail to turn an otherwise basic dress into something that will make my wardrobe feel extremely fresh.  Next up, discover the 5 print trends we’re about to see everywhere this year.

Liven up that closet of yours with me.
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