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Whether you’re celebrating it or completely ignoring its presence, it’s a brand-spankin’ new, shiny year. And while it doesn’t exactly look different than the last just yet, in my opinion, the difference is that there feels, somehow, like there’s more to look forward to in 2021—and one of those things is dressing in absolutely anything (anything!) that isn’t a groufit.

Sure, it’s still getting dark at 4 p.m. and winter is really only just beginning, but 2021 is bringing us new color trends that feel anything but dull and dreary. And whether you’re wearing them for your couch or on an extra-long walk to Starbucks, they’re pretty much guaranteed to brighten up any outfit and pull you out of any wardrobe rut you might be in (and aren’t we all in one?).

Have some fun, put away your neutrals, and add one of these pieces to your closet shelves.

1. Light Green

If you go on any store’s website right now, odds are one of the first things you’ll see are bursts of a light, fresh green. While sage and olive were all the rage for fall and winter, their brighter cousin is coming onto the scene for 2021.

2. Pastel Yellow

It’s no surprise that a variation of Pantone’s color of the year, “Illuminating,” has already made its sunny way into stores, and getting a glimpse of it makes us crave the brighter days ahead. A light yellow blazer? Sign us up.

3. Lavender

Sure, this might be the color your bedroom was when you were 12, but we’re all adults here, which means lavender can actually be done right. Has anyone ever felt sad when wearing this color? I say not.

4. Mid-Tone Brown

If the pastels are too much for you to wrap your head around just yet, you can hop onto a color trend by opting for a neutral, mid-tone brown. It’s flattering on just about any skin tone and is a step up from the creams and beiges of seasons past.

5. Cornflower Blue

If this color doesn’t make you look forward to spring days, I frankly don’t know what will. The airy, easy-to-style hue is an upgraded-but-still-tame addition to any wardrobe.

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