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If I was asked to name a retailer with more organizational items in one place than Amazon, I don’t think I’d be able to do it. It’s truly a one-stop shop for every useful item you could possibly need in life. And that’s probably why I was placing daily Amazon orders after I moved last year. Whether it’s your closet, kitchen, desk, or laundry that needs organizing, there’s something for every need. 

Given that it’s Prime Day and you’re probably shopping on Amazon anyway, what better time to add some of those useful organizational items you know you’ve been needing to your cart? Of the items rounded up below, I can personally attest to some of them, and others have great reviews, so you can shop with confidence. You’ll notice that some of the items I chose aren’t strictly organizational, but they’re very useful and definitely made my life easier, so in they went.

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I hate wire desk organizers, but this wooden organizer is much better, and still compact. I purchased this when my last bathroom had very little storage space and it definitely made up for the fact that I didn’t have a medicine cabinet. The days of your sponge sitting on the ledge of the sink are over. This is the chicest jewelry box I could find on Amazon—you’re welcome. If a bug has ever flown into your glass, you know the feeling of dispair. I use this to whip up matcha and the oat milk I mix it with—and I’m not sure what I ever did without it. This has 26.5 thousand reviews. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. This cocktail shaker has the best design of any I’ve ever used, and it has fewer parts to keep track of than the traditional ones. 2020 predicament that’s now solved: what to do with your face mask. Another mask storage solution is wearing this cute chain around your neck. Chicer than your average laundry hamper. I love acrylic bathroom storage, as it looks clean and you can see everything that you’re looking for, so this organizer is perfect. Without this, my dishwashing process would be chaos. I know this seems kind of boring, but it’s always on display. Say goodbye to too-big face masks. Fun fact: This hair spray bottle is perfect for misting plants. Calling all nail polish junkies. This isn’t organizational per se, but I can’t organize my thoughts when I’m hot, so there’s that. Three words: Clean your phone. Thanks to this, all of your hair tool storage problems are now solved. These fabric storage boxes will make your closet look like it was professionally organized. Thanks to these dividers, say goodbye to messy shelves for good. If you’re someone with a lot of makeup palettes, this is the best way to store them, hands down. If you’re baseball cap collection has grown recently like mine has, you might want to add this to cart. I personally think that this would make for a very chic laundry basket, but it works for pretty much any storage needs. If you craft or just have a lot of tiny items to organize (no questions asked), this one’s for you. This modern hanging rack is perfectly subtle. This tarnish-removed makes gold jewelry look brand new (and seeing the black marks on the cloth is so satisfying). If your kitchen countertop space is tight, you’ll be glad you found this over-sink drying rack.

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