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It is said that fashion is a reflection of society’s current state. As this past year has been a unique year—in more ways than one—forcing many of us to adapt to this new normal of an at-home lifestyle, it also has significantly impacted fashion trends. Favoring the more practical side yet still celebrating a colorful fashion moment, the emerging trends that will continue into 2021 directly reflect this new normal. Think style choices that accentuate above-the-keyboard looks through strategic cut-out placements on sweaters, dynamic square necklines, and mood-boosting jewelry—equally cozy as they are trendy. 

This year has taught us valuable fashion lessons that we will undoubtedly continue into the new year, from new loungewear outfit pairings (you would have never considered) to completely rejiggering our wardrobe for good. Embracing the ease of loose, wide-leg trousers and nap dresses, we’ve introduced new trendy wardrobe pieces into our essentials line up that we simply cannot wear enough. And while we’re hoping that the new year rings in with new hope and energy, we’re quite content with the fashion trends remaining the same. Ahead, discover the 25 trendy buys that will be so 2021.

The perfect above-the-keyboard cut-out top, if you will.  Sorry skinny jeans, we’re all about the wide-leg in 2021. Try adding a herringbone gold necklace to your existing layers of delicate gold numbers this year.  Yes, we still love a square-toe. And a square neckline!  The ’90s baguette bag silhouette will always be trendy.  For some reason, I cannot stop buying knit sets—each cuter than the next.  Complete the set: Knit Short, $35, and Knit Tank, $30. Is it me or is this the celebrity “it” shoe right now?  Say hello to the dress that will get you through January – March.  These come in 2 other colors in the neutral family, and I own all three.  If you haven’t invested in this season’s must-have outerwear piece, the shacket, start with this leather number. This preppy knit has become the most versatile piece in my closet—wear it with a patterned skirt, matching knit pants, or a pair of denim, the choice is yours.  2021 is the year to officially test drive the lounge shorts. I’m picturing this with a blazer and low mule for a super trendy moment.  Introducing the heel of 2021.  Nothing completes an ensemble like an oversized wool trench.  It’s time we start matching our masks to our shirts.  The split hem pants are going to continue having a moment in 2021—mark my words.  Embrace the clutch.  An instant pick-me-up.  Anyone else retire their sweatpants for the house dress?  More cut-outs, more knits, please.  I’m calling it now: lilac is the color of 2021.  Soft, voluminous accessories will continue to shine this year, and I’m here for it.  These relaxed leather trousers can be both dressed up and dressed down for an at-home look.  The eyelet top will be the layering piece of 2021 for a sophisticated and trendy look.  Up next, discover the sneaker trends of 2021. 

Yes, I can predict the future.
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