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If you’ve been paying attention to the beauty scene this year, then you’ve probably noticed that short hair is majorly trending. From the ever-popular bob haircut to short shags and every style of bangs under the sun, chopping all your hair off has never been more in style. And if you have a round face, there are certain short hairstyles that might be especially tempting.

You may have read articles in the past that convinced you to hide your round face behind longer hairstyles, but we’re here to tell you to throw that outdated advice to the wind. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from chatting up the new class of celebrity hairstylists responsible for creating the red carpet and day-to-day looks for the biggest round-faced stars is that a great stylist can make modifications to tailor any and every hairstyle to suit any face. The most important factor in wearing a hairstyle that suits your round face or any face shape is confidence! Do you, boo. 

Now that we got that out of the way, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 23 short hairstyles celebrities with round faces always wear to inspire your next foray into cropped lengths. After all, why recreate the wheel when we can look to queens like Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez, who’ve already got it down to a science! Keep scrolling and try not to screenshot them all.

Not only is this low-maintenance haircut so easy to style, but it can also serve as the foundation of a renewed healthy hair journey. Win, win. Whether your hair is closely cropped or falls past your earlobes, embracing your natural texture is always a good idea. Here, Kiersey Clemons’s tight curls form the perfect teeny-weeny afro style. This cute, Audrey Hepburn–inspired style frames round faces so nicely. And if you want some extra edge, reach for the strong-hold gel and embrace this spiky look. This effortless style adds an instant cool factor to longer pixie cuts. A good sculpting paste can help you create long-lasting, piecey styles with so much character. The bob haircut can be tailored to suit any face shape, but this smooth styling looks especially chic on round faces. These shortened fringes really open up the face. The only thing cooler than a chin-length bob is a chin-length bob with a choppy fringe. The way each piece falls across the forehead is just too good. This sleek, wet-look style is so cool and falls just right on round faces. Just look how flattering it is on Ryan Destiny. Or do like Gigi Hadid and push all the hair away from the face for a slicked-back look to give the world the best view of that beautiful round face. Leave it to Lana Condor to make us want to chop all our hair off. Her quintessential textured bob is so dreamy.  Chrissy Teigen’s side-swept bangs are further proof that a side part and a round face are truly a match made in heaven. We love how her cute bangs drape across her forehead. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a celebrity stylist that doesn’t swear by this brush. It’s an essential tool for creating both smooth and textured styles. Those with round faces don’t have to hide behind their hair. Joey King’s pretty shag is styled to stay off her face, with side pieces gently tucked behind her ears and tons of volume on top. Perfection. Vintage-inspired curls can make your lob look more like a bob if you’re craving shorter hair but not willing to commit to another haircut. Plus, the volume just above the shoulders adds such a nice shape. Middle parts are cool, but again, there’s really nothing like a deep side part to hug round faces in all the right places. A side part coupled with chic s-pattern waves is such a stunning combination that we see over and over again on red carpets. This curling iron is the perfect size for creating movement in short hair. Christina Ricci’s bangs follow the curve of her brow bone and extend down to her chin, creating such a flattering frame around her round face. For a less “done,” effortlessly chic look, opt for pulling textured pieces out of your low ponytail or bun. This gorgeous shag brings in natural volume and a lovely triangle shape that’s so pretty on round faces. Taraji P. Henson’s amped-up curls are perfect for her face. If you want to add a little something extra to a smooth, short hairstyle, why not go in and bump the ends like Selena Gomez did here? We’re seriously digging this vibe. This dry oil spray can add shine to any style, from curls to waves to sleek, straight looks. Mini peek-a-boo bangs can be cut into any hair length, but they look especially cute with short cuts, from pixies to lobs. Their real magic comes in the styling possibilities. Let them fall straight down, split them in the middle, or push them to one side like Ginnifer Goodwin did here. We love how Emma Stone fashioned her long layers into a smooth style that drapes beautifully around her round face. Up next, 20 Gorgeous Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Chop All Your Hair Off

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