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2020 Nails Trend

You can forget about chipped nails in 2020 – I want better for you. Actually, it is time to step up your nail art game all the way; life’s too light for a boring manicure, you know? Think to the number of times you have worn the nail color that is on your nails right now. Exactly. A lot of times.

An entirely new decade means an entirely new outlook. On the list of things which the brand new year will bring, let us manifest that nice nails will also be a component of that narrative. Like a fresh haircut, fresh new nails can totally alter the attitude of yours. New York City-based editorial nail artist and fashion week veteran Miss Pop will be here to download you on probably the biggest nail trends of 2020. Scroll on for the manicure that’ll take on all of the double taps on the’ Gram.

The French Mani

“This classic is making a comeback,” Miss Pop confirms. “But it’s not the stacked pink and whites of the ‘90s. Now, French manicure will feature exaggerated curves and a rainbow range of lacquers. White tips will also make a resurgence, but skip the nude polish and opt for negative space for a fresh take on the look.”

Mood Ring Nails

“Like your favorite ring back in the day, mood ring-like lacquers will be all the rage,” says Miss Pop. “Color-shifting shades with the shimmering dimension will surprise you depending on the light. Is it blue? Black? Purple? You won’t be able to quite put your finger on the glittery special effects.”

Animal Nails

Ever after Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande decided to show off their cow print nails, everyone’s gotten the desire to pay homage to their favorite animals. Whether it is a zebra, or cheetah, cow, snake, be at liberty to use whatever creature floats the boat of yours on the nails of yours in 2020.

Non-Toxic Nails

“Over the past decade and change, nearly all the brands have taken the toxic trio—formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene—out of the nail lacquer,” says Miss Pop. Pictured here is one of New York’s most-visited clean beauty salons, Dear Sundays, which also has a line of polishes (this delicate rosy blush is one of their most sought-after shades). “I think there will continue to be even more innovation for health and sustainability,” Miss Pop confirms.

Rainbow Nails

All the indecisive minds, please stand up and give praise because rainbow nails are all the range. Yep, that is correct, you can forget about spending an hour at the nail salon choosing a color. Select them all!

Hand Skincare

“They say the way to tell someone’s real age is by their hands,” says Miss Pop. “Skincare has become such a focus in the beauty world and on social media. I think people will extend the treatments down to their fingertips and feet. Manicures and pedicures won’t just be about a polish change but be covered as a truly elegant self-care ritual that begins with exfoliation and hydration and ends with polish.”

Negative Space Nails

Minimalistic designs, like negative space nails, are starting to be increasingly more appealing due to the convenience. They save you time and also provide you with space to grow out the nails of yours if you need based on the design.

Swirly Nails

This groovy design is a nod to the’ 70s in the most effective way. Of course, this swirly shape may be a bit trippy to stare at but that is the reason it is a lot more enjoyable than a straight edge, predictable designs.

Freestyle Nails

Should you really DGAF about uniformity and want to win nail selfie of the year, try this. You’ve got the freedom to turn each and every one of the nails of yours into a work of art that belongs in a museum. Think about this a “you do you” design in case you have previously seen one.

Nothing But Neutral Nails

Take the low key approach to mismatched nails with neutrals. It is a chiller version of rainbow nails if all those are not really your thing. Additionally, they are interview-appropriate and a feast for the eyes.