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I can make exactly two things perfectly every single time: my mom’s chicken pot pie (my favorite food in the world) and Chrissy Teigen’s scrambled eggs. Chrissy’s stovetop recipe is slow and rich; but more than anything, it’s unbelievably sticky. I have loved these eggs since the first time I made them—but I have hated the clean-up process more than just about any other chore in the world.

When I heard about the Always Pan from Our Place, I was curious yet skeptical. It’s a pretty high price tag for one single kitchen item, but I’d pay just about anything if it meant it would speed up my egg clean-up time. I received the pan for Christmas this year, and I’m happy to report that its non-toxic, non-stick coating is just as good as the rumors say it is—and even my sticky eggs were cleaned up in under a minute.

Whether you like scrambled eggs or not, the Always Pan is worth the investment in that you can cook SO many different recipes in it. This one pan takes the place of eight pieces of traditional cookware—meaning it’s efficient for meal prep AND for the clean-up process. Here, I’m sharing several of the recipes I’ve recently saved to try in my new pan (helping prove that the investment is worth it—especially in a small apartment kitchen with little room for multiple tools).


2. Healthy Breakfast Bowl with Egg and Quinoa

3. Perfect Cheese Eggs

Source: Dash of Jazz

4. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

5. Easy Fluffy Pancakes

Source: Food By Maria

Lunch & Dinner

7. Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Soup

8. 30 Minute Chicken Fajitas

Source: Isabel Eats

9. Stovetop Tuna Noodle Casserole

Source: Unbound Wellness

10. Sweet Potato Apple Sausage Skillet

11. Simple Garlic Spaghetti Bowl

12. Paleo Ground Beef Quesadillas

Source: Unbound Wellness

13. Easy, 20 Minute Vegan Pasta

Source: Delish Knowledge

14. Teriyaki Chicken & Veggies Stir-Fry

15. Spiralized Sweet Potato Enchilada Skillet

16. Chicken & Cauliflower Gnocchi Soup


Source: Delish Knowledge

18. Dodo (Fried Plaintains)

Source: Dash of Jazz

19. Easy Mexican Queso Dip

Source: Isabel Eats

20. Dawa

Source: Kaluhi’s Kitchen

What are your favorite recipes to make on the stovetop? What do you make in your Always Pan? Tell us in the comments!

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