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Yes, I just used “hot” and “granny panties” in the same sentence, and I fully stand by it. Our relationship with our underwear evolves over time, and up until recently, it evolved in a pretty linear way. As kids, we wore cute little Monday-through-Friday briefs; as teenagers, we snuck to the mall to buy our first thongs without our parents knowing; then it was thongs, thongs, thongs for an unforeseeable amount of time until we got sick of them, started wearing more full-coverage briefs, and before we knew it, we were living in granny panties. Well, that timeline is officially a thing of the past as proven by the influx of influencers posting their granny panties on Instagram and cool-girl brands like Pretties and Araks designing some of the cutest granny panties I’ve ever seen. 

To be honest, the term “granny panties” is pretty obsolete, but I wanted to use it here for a bit of a kitschy effect. This underwear style is one that has many negative connotations, but thanks to a bit of encouragement from Carrie Bradshaw (who wore them religiously) and now some of the biggest fashion influencers, there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about them.

If you’re ready to embrace your full-brief panty life, I’ve rounded up 18 pairs that are weirdly hot. Between the newer brands stepping up their underwear game and household names you’ve likely worn for years, this selection is one that will leave your underwear drawer feeling fresh and oddly on-trend

The blue shade makes these. H&M nails making its lingerie look so effortless and expensive.  Perfect for every day. The lace detail adds such a French vibe to this, don’t you think? This is the underwear I want to lounge in on a Sunday with an oversize T-shirt. If you’re not one for daring underwear, this understated pair is perfect for you. Spice up your underwear drawer with this red-hot pair.  Natori is known for the comfort and style of its bras, and trust me—its underwear is no different. A favorite among fashion insiders. So good you won’t want to take them off.  This will feel like you’re not wearing anything. If you’re looking for a thong version. No words for this besides chic. For $18, you’ll get multiples of this lace number. Nothing will feel as comfortable as wearing these chic boyshorts. This emerald green is stunning. An everyday basic. Wear this pair underneath your more formfitting pieces. This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next up, shop the best fall boot brands, according to one of our boot-loving editors. 

You know what I mean.
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