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They say eyes are the window to the soul, but I’d like to make the case that the window to the soul is, in fact, your refrigerator. Hear me out: our fridges show what’s most important to us (how many fruits and veggies are in your produce drawer, again?), give insight into our lifestyles (are your shelves full of meal-prepped veggies or leftover takeout?), and contain our deepest, darkest secrets (half-melted Ben & Jerry’s, I’m looking at you). It’s kind of like reading a diary entry. To get inspiration for your fridge (whether it’s food storage, meal prep, or healthy eating tips), we asked 17 women in wellness to send us a felfie (or fridge selfie. Isn’t that a thing yet??). Read on to find out what 17 nutritionists, doctors, wellness bloggers, entreprenuers, and healers keep inside their fridges.

 1. Dr. Mona Vand, Pharmacist and Digital Creator

“Every week, I get a bunch of fresh produce and wash them well before putting them away in produce bins. This helps me eat healthy when I want quick meals throughout the week. I always make sure to have organic berries, Persian cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, and romaine lettuce on hand. I also probably get about 20 limes and lemons each week because I use them on everything. I also like to make my own plant-based milk and add it to glass milk cartons because it looks aesthetic in the fridge, which always makes eating healthy more enjoyable.”

2. Michelle Rivas, Educator, Writer, and Founder of The Healthy Latina

“I love to cook and prefer bold, spicy, and fermented flavors like black garlic, gochujang, and hot peppers, so my fridge has a lot of sauces and pastes in it. I’m gluten-free, dairy-free, and have an allergy to nightshades (but my husband doesn’t, so our fridge is a happy blend of different versions of a lot of the same foods. For example, we have four different brands of tortillas in the fridge right now!).

A few staples in my fridge:

  • I always have cauliflower for my grandma’s Spanish rice that I’ll cook this week as a side for tacos. 
  • I drink kombucha almost every day. I used to make it myself, but the Kirkland brand is my current favorite. 
  • I’m a fan of smoothies, so there is always an obscene amount of almond milk in my fridge. I add dates and almond butter to smoothies, so you’ll always find those in here.
  • I also keep some of my skincare products in the fridge for freshness and to cool down my eczema flare-ups. I also keep vitamins like fish oil or any with oregano oil in the fridge to help aid digestion.
  • I hate wasting food, so each week I’ll make stir-fry brown rice, noodles, or crispy fried rice with tofu, and use up any leftover veggies in one dish. Anything else that’s past its prime will go into my compost.
  • There’s always a chilled bottle of wine in my fridge that’s waiting to be opened for a celebration, a chat with a friend, or just a night at home.

“I use my Foundational Five system to build a balanced meal, so I always have ingredients for each of the five elements prepped, stocked in the fridge, and ready to put together in an easy, nourishing meal. The five elements are protein, healthy fat, starchy carbohydrates, non-starchy carbohydrates, and the flavor factor (think dressings, sauces, and seasonings). I always stock and organize my fridge with the five elements in mind. You’ll find protein options like baked tofu and eggs, non-starchy carbohydrates with fresh and frozen produce, starchy carbohydrates like beans and potatoes, healthy fats like tahini and homemade dressings, and fermented foods like kimchi for a flavor factor.”

4. Jessica Rihal, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“I always keep free-range eggs, pre-washed greens like arugula or spinach, and yogurt on hand. Always having these items (that I personally enjoy eating) makes it very simple to grab and go, or to create a quick and fulfilling meal in just a few minutes.”

5. Eliza Ganesh, Cofounder and CEO of Sunwink

“My philosophy is to keep it simple with whole foods and lots of plants. I don’t have rules; I love bread, cheese, and chocolate, and I’m cool with that. My winter staples include vegetable soup, citrus fruit, elderberry syrup, and Immunity Berry and Detox Ginger Sunwink. Some of favorite brands and splurges are Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese, Siete tortillas, and Ithaca hummus.”

6. May Zhu, RDN, Founder of Nutrition Happens

“My fridge always changes, depending on what recipes I’m trying for the week. But a few must-have items I always keep stocked in my fridge are a variety of leafy greens, blueberries, lemons, limes, and a constant supply of Tops Chicos. There are also eggs hidden in the back somewhere. I love storing seeds and nuts in glass jars to keep them fresher for longer. Since they typically contain high amounts of unsaturated fat, they’re more prone to spoiling faster from heat and light, so if I’m not using them immediately, I’ll store them in the fridge.”

7. Ailsa Emmel, Certified Nurse Midwife and Blogger

“I’m not the cook in my house, so I always have to be sure I have healthy snacks and protein on hand to make a salad or quick meal. My hubby loves to season and garnish meals with cilantro and parsley, which we store in mason jars to increase their longevity. Fruits and yogurt are a must for a healthy parfait. Having fresh items that are easy to grab has made being stuck at home so much easier when the munchies creep in.”

8. Ana Lilia, Certified Breathwork Teacher and Healer

“Some of the must-have items in my fridge include pickles (I’m really loving pickled pineapple right now) and celery (I juice one bundle per day and drink it on an empty stomach). Celery juice has anti-inflammatory properties and 12 antioxidant compounds.”  

9. Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition Expert and Author

“These days, my fridge is a combination of produce from Chef Collective and staple items from Fresh Direct. Generally, we always have farm eggs (and lots of them), tons of produce (especially leafy greens and cruciferous veggies), and an assortment of both dairy and non-dairy substitutes.”

10. Bertha Hidalgo, PhD, Genetic Epidemiologist and Founder of Chic in Academia

“I hate adding to our landfill waste, so I tend to repurpose takeout containers and use them to store food and leftovers. I also don’t throw out extra condiment packs. Since my kids play sports and my husband is going into the office, these extra condiment packs are great for packed lunches. My family eats veggies and fruit daily. We have a sizable frozen stock of fish and chicken, so for dinner, we will often defrost a little, have rice or beans on the side, and always include a fruit and veggie to accompany it.”

11. Erika Polsinelli, Kundalini Breathwork Healer and Founder of Evolve By Erika

“Since my husband and I don’t really drink, I need my fridge stocked with mocktails (like some seltzer or sparkling water, and non-alcoholic elixirs with a squeeze of lemon or orange). I also like to have a green juice handy, in case I’m too lazy to make my own and clean the juicer (if you know, you know). I always have Ezekiel bread to make avocado toasts (an easy go-to for breakfast or lunch) and hummus. Since I am plant-based, hummus is a great source of protein. Last but not least, I always have some fresh produce in case I want to whip up a salad, juice, or smoothie.”

“I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years, so my fridge is plant-based friendly. I always have my favorite veggie sausages (I’m not big on meat replacements, but I like the added variety, texture, and protein from time to time). I use oat milk for recipes like my homemade vegan pancakes and my little one’s cereal. I usually have lots of fruit and veggie options to make fresh smoothies, like carrots, spinach, oranges, apples, and bananas. I’m currently doing a three-day juice cleanse, so that’s in my fridge too.”

“As a plant-based enthusiast, my staples are obviously vegetables. My fridge is usually full of produce, low-sugar green juices, kombucha, fresh berries, and sprouts. Not pictured, but another favorite fridge staple is vegan cheese. I also love to snack on crudités as a snack, so I typically have a variety of fresh dips and hummus as well.”

“You’ll find tons of whole foods like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale, as well as lots of condiments to spice up veggies. For our little one, we always keep frozen breast milk, organic frozen berries, and frozen vegetables. Peep our home made cold brew too!”

15. Chloe Kernaghan, Yoga Teacher and Cofounder of SKY TING

“My fridge basics include eggs, yogurts, yummy cheese, kimchi, some fresh veggies, herbs, lettuces, and my favorite condiments like miso, tahini, tamari, and hot sauce.”

16. Emily Elyse Miller, Cookbook Author and CEO & Founder of OffLimits

“My fridge will never feel empty as long as there are condiments (especially hot sauce). Cholula is my classic pick, but I love Cutino Sauce Co, which is a small batch sauce made locally. Since I have a cereal brand, my fridge always has nut milk. If I feel productive, I make almond milk from scratch, but otherwise, it’s a rotating assortment of brands. I’m still on the search for my favorite, but I’m currently into Minor Figures. Dieux is a reusable eye mask that’s quickly become a staple part of my morning routine. After applying serum, I pull the cool mask from the fridge and wear it while drinking an americano and scrolling TikTok. 

A few other staples: I love looking through the tahini section at Middle Eastern grocers. It’s beautiful how much versatility can come from one single ingredient. I always have a backup (because tahini is self-care!), and Seed + Mill is one of my favorites. Lastly, there are few things better than a turkey sandwich. I keep Kewpie mayo on hand, as it’s the secret ingredient to a perfect sandwich. The slight sweetness of this Japanese-style mayo is unmatched.” 

“As a mama of three, it’s so important that our fridge is stocked with healthy and enjoyable foods for the kids to grab and go, plus all the essentials to make rich, nutrient-dense meals. Our mantra is to eat your colors, so my fridge is always packed with every color of the rainbow to infuse the antioxidants and nutrients that nature provides. My fridge essentials always include nut milk (I love to make my own when I can, like this cashew milk), fresh fruit and veggies, easy grab-and-go drinks (like kombucha), pasture-raised eggs, fresh juice, and hummus for snacking. You’ll also find snack bars for my kids, dark chocolate (a must) and often, we’ll have leftover smoothies that we sip on throughout the day. I have so much gratitude for my fridge; it’s our treasure trove of yummy, nourishing food and drinks.”

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