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For obvious reasons, staying home has been the norm as opposed to the exception over the course of the past year. In a typical year, I take at least one trip per month, and I’m always running around when I’m not traveling, so I don’t necessarily prioritize at-home treatments, applying masks, or even deviating from my go-to arsenal of products—not so since March 2020, though…

As I get older, I’m prioritizing caring for my skin more and more and really focusing on the anti-aging measures I can take in addition to wearing sunscreen religiously. As an editor, I’m fortunate to be able to try lots of cool products, many of which I welcome into my beauty routine for life. Below, I’m sharing 17 of those products that I’ve fallen in love with recently. I guess you could call it a silver lining to being stuck at home all the time. Scroll for my firsthand insight.

I love a good face oil before bed, but I never thought I could get away with wearing one under my makeup during the day. That changed the very first time I tried C.E.O. Glow. I am hooked to this perfect Vitamin C oil that miraculously gets rid of my mid-winter dry patches. It sinks in very quickly, but my skin looks subtly dewy even after applying sunscreen and a full face of makeup.   My usual exfoliator is a little harsh in the winter, so I’ve been using this cleanser after my foaming cleanser in the morning (but you can also use it on its own). It’s super gentle, yet it instantly awakens my skin. I honestly don’t take care of the skin on my body like I do my face, but these new Dr. Dennis Gross exfoliating wipes have inspired me to start. Each one has more than enough product to cover your entire body, and my skin felt so smooth after using it. It’s also helped with the keratosis pilaris on my arms significantly. I’m pretty new to heavy-duty anti-aging products, but I’m quickly approaching 37, so I’ve started to ramp things up a bit. My trusted dermatologist raves about Alastin, so I knew I was in good hands with its products. My favorite product is the Restorative Skin Complex, which plumps, lifts, smooths, and protects over time. I’m sticking with this does-it-all serum. Truth be told, pandemic-related stress has been tough on my eyebrows and has caused them to look pretty sparse. My usual brow pencil wasn’t cutting it on its own, so I started using Brow Flick in addition to it. I’m pleased to say that it looks very natural while covering up the sparse patches. Since I don’t wear lip products as much as I used to these days, my lips have gotten pretty dry this winter. It was beginning to feel like nothing was going to bring them back to life until I tried Lord Jones’s new CBD Lip Balm. In addition to moisturizing CBD, it’s a cocktail of oils and shea butter that combine to make one very powerful yet soothing balm. In case you haven’t heard yet, Merit is the buzzy brand that’s fresh on the clean-beauty scene. One of my favorite products is this lightweight, buildable foundation-concealer replacement that lets your skin shine through like no other. Trust me—try it. I’m new to skincare devices, but NuFace has been a great one to begin with. The results are instant and noticeable. I do one side of my face at a time, and it actually looks lifted. It uses microcurrents to tone, contour, and smooth. As I said before, I don’t typically prioritize bodycare products, but that’s changed over the past several months. This nongreasy body oil is filled with nourishing ingredients, and it leaves the softest glow. (Don’t worry—it won’t get all over your sheets or clothes.) Like my brows, my lashes have also been suffering as of late (womp). NeuLash is one of the only serums that actually makes them grow—but not in every direction or completely straight like some of the others I’ve tried.  If you want a cute, effective, and great-smelling hand sanitizer that won’t take up tons of room in your bag, allow me to introduce Noshinku to you. Bonus: You can get it at Nordstrom (and in two different scents). Facials aren’t a part of my life these days, but I don’t really miss them thanks to products like Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel. I have dry skin, so I don’t use it more than every other week, but my skin glows for days after each use. The rumors are true—it truly is a facial in a jar. Summer Fridays’ newest product just might be my favorite yet. I’ve been using Cloud Dew under my makeup, and it’s proven to be the perfect winter primer. It feels so cool and soothing going on and sinks right it, creating the perfect dewy canvas for makeup. I’m a U Beauty broken record at this point, but that’s not stopping me from singing its praises yet again. If you hate layering on tons of products but want to see a noticeable difference in your skin, Resurfacing Compound is worth every penny. It miraculously fixes all of my skin problems in one fell swoop, and I even look more awake the next morning after using it before bed.  I’ve been using a very expensive concealer (which shall remain nameless) for years, but since discovering this miracle Nars pot, I don’t miss it. It covers imperfections and redness so well but never feels like I have makeup caked on.  Earlier in the winter, the skin under my eyes started getting red, itchy, splotchy, and dry—all the bad things. Versed’s lightweight cream has basically cured these issues since then. It’s soothing and brightening and works for day or night. I’m hooked. Because of mask wearing, I’ve seriously neglected my lip-product collection over the past year, as getting lip gloss all over your mask isn’t a good look. This pretty lip stain is the solution, and it somehow doesn’t dry out your lips.

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