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While it’s technically still winter, I’m optimistic that warmer weather is just around the corner, and for once, I would like to plan accordingly. For me, there’s really nothing like the promise of coat-free days to get me excited about shopping. Luckily some of my favorite brands have already dropped their spring collections, including my go-to for affordable fashion, Scoop.

There’s nothing from the brand (sold exclusively at Walmart) that is over $47, making it a no-brainer for both wardrobe basics as well as trendier pieces. (I’m looking at you, tie-dye lounge set.) Naturally, I’m not the only one who is excited about adding Scoop to their spring wardrobe—the collection is already all over my social media feed after only a matter of days. I’m personally planning to copy the styling ideas I’ve seen online, so I thought I’d share my favorite 13 outfits with you, too. I’m just that generous.

I’ve committed to ditching my matching-sweatpant-and-hoodie outfits (except on weekends!) for the foreseeable future, so the only coordinated sets I will be seen in will look a lot more like this one. These effortless pieces obviously have endless mix-and-match potential, but I love them paired together to create the illusion of a dress. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but throwing a sweater over your shoulders is a guaranteed way to make a dress outfit chic. There may come a day when I will be over tie-dye, but I can tell you that day is not today. The styling of this particular tie-dye piece is so good that I don’t really want to wear it with anything else. I said no coats, but I did not say no oversize cardigans. This one is seriously so soft and is the perfect layer for just about every spring outfit. These two-tone cowboy boots were an immediate favorite of mine. My first thought was to pair them with a dress, but the denim shorts and T-shirt are really doing it for me. I always rely on this exact outfit combo for spring: a lightweight knit, a midi skirt, and sneakers. It’s really that easy. This jumpsuit is about to be my go-to for spring. Why? Because I love a good one-piece outfit, especially when it includes a built in belt . A head-to-toe neutral outfit always looks polished, but this one gets a trendy twist thanks to those snakeskin ankle boots. Consider me a fan. Here’s the perfect example of how to dress up your favorite pair of jeans and a graphic tee. And I promise you won’t find a better $40 blazer. Long-sleeve maxi dresses look cool with about any footwear option. So whether you’re into boots, sneakers, or sandals at the moment, this one’s for you. I know I mentioned giving up sweatpants, but technically these are shorts. Plus, I will always make an exception for tie-dye. Besides a blazer, a silky skirt is the piece I constantly recommend for elevating any look. Case in point: this band tee which feels so polished thanks to the white mid-length skirt. This is not your average white top and jeans pairing. Oh no, the Bohemian-inspired ruching and sleeve details will cause double-takes even from six feet away. Plus, if you weren’t yet sold on these snakeskin boots, I bet you are now.

It’s about time.
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