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In the past month, 140,000 jobs were lost. All of them, according to an analysis from the National Women’s Law Center, belonged to women! In December, women lost a total of 156,000 jobs, while white men gained 16,000 jobs, according to NWLC. While the numbers are bleak, there are jobs to be found, especially in the next few months as employers get their second, or even first, round of PPP (Payroll Protection Plan). They will be hiring.

Job seekers right now may not be sure where to even begin, so the most important advice I can give is this – just start somewhere. The analytics I collect from working with job seekers demonstrate that clients that continue searching or ‘stay in line’ are those most likely to secure interviews and receive job offers. 

As an Outplacement Career Coach, I specialize in offering company-sponsored career coaching to employees that have been displaced, and partner with professionals at all levels and phases of their career during the job search. The good news is that clients are landing jobs, and the common thread between all of them is that they did not give up and that they tapped into the following three tips:

Activate, Cultivate and Grow your Network

I suggest this quick and easy exercise to start.  Sketch your network as a series of concentric circles – — those in the first, smallest circle in the center are those people with whom you share deep ties; the next circle is individuals with whom you have increasingly broader and more shallow relationships. The most successful job seekers have both deep and shallow networks.

For women, it is not enough to be broadly positioned in an industry network. The key is to activate and cultivate your network.  Luckily, most women have organically grown a second network — a close cohort whom you can turn to for advice. As you analyze your group, focus on the ones that have access to diverse networks. Otherwise, it is what I refer to as an echo chamber. The key component to grow your network is tapping into the close contacts that can lead you to connections in their networks, and conversely, you can do the same for them.

Job Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an essential professional social networking site that allows professionals and recruiters to connect and engage virtually. With COVID-19 changing all personal and professional social exchanges, virtual networking is more important than ever. In addition to having a standout profile and headline, I suggest that you increase your network by regularly commenting on LinkedIn posts written by your first-degree connections.

An easy way to grow your network is to respond to someone that makes an interesting comment on your first degree’s post.  After you respond to them, take advantage of the icebreaker you created by sending them a connection request with a personalized note referencing their LinkedIn comment. 

Use these Top Apps for the Job Search

From ordering food to looking for love, there’s an app for that; the job search is no different. These days, looking for a job does not require combing through newspaper listings or being confined to desktop websites. Several job-search apps can help you stay connected on the go. These apps are designed specifically to make your job search more comfortable and more efficient. This article contains a list of the top 8 job search apps for you to tap into for a successful job search.

Yes, there are opportunities out there for those on the job hunt!  Thanks in part to technology, there are avenues to network and expand your professional network while hunkered down at home. Take advantage of each one and tap into the same tenacity that has gotten you where you are. Before you know it; you will be preparing to ace an interview.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act; the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its reward.”

Amelia Earhart

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