10 March Nail Ideas You Must Try – OWNSKIN – Beauty

I`ve always been sooo crazy about nails. I have tried almost every style and shape, with or without a pattern, glow in the dark, heat-activated and so on. The same goes for shape or length, as long as it allowed me to wipe or type. That is one thing we don`t want to call assistance for. After all this time, I realized how such a small thing like a nail style can totally change my vibe. Like, all of a sudden my nails looked cool? And intentional? Awesome! To get you on my same level of “nails ass-kicking”, I’ve pulled some ass-whooping march nail ideas. Flag them as a must.

Also, taking care of them is just as important. You can read about that here.

1. I’m blue da ba dee, da ba dye

I love everything about these ones. The shape, the color, and the pattern fit wonderfully. The length is just right so they won`t be in the way. Also, blue is a good color for march nail ideas.

2. Square bleu

Nails don’t have to be round or almond-shaped. As evidence is this march nail idea here.

3. March is for butterflies 

The pattern is stunning. The length, not so much. I would definitely try these but on a much shorter version. It’s just damn hard to do things with something like that on. And I’m all about doing things if you know what I mean.

4. Feel the rainbow

I want some spring anticipation bling on me. These look like they could do the trick.

5. 3D pattern

It’s actually a thing now. I never tried them but they are on my checklist for this march nail ideas.

6. Fly ladybugs, fly

How cute is that? For those days when you feel spring in your heart.

7. Gradient style

Not too girly but not too corporate. Perfect fit for awesome mood.

8. White joy

White goes with pretty much anything. So do flowers. And those ones are WUUUT.

9. Time for glow

Green is the color of the year. The more it glows, the better. You can dry them with glow in the dark powder or plain.

10. Nude effect

Pure nude with a bit of sparkle. Not too much, just a pinch. The result is astounding.