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Whenever spring is approaching (which I guess you could say it kind of is now), I start thinking a lot about color. Color isn’t something I wear a whole lot of during winter, instead opting for black, camel, maybe a bit of burgundy. So the idea of putting on something yellow or pink come April is very enticing to me (especially in the midst of January). This year especially.

Given the incredibly tough year we’ve all just experienced, I’m predicting that mood-boosting colors will be at top of my mind, and many of my fellow Who What Wear editors agree. I asked all of them to share with me the color they’re kind of over right now, and the one they’re welcoming into their 2021 wardrobes with open arms. You’ll see some common themes and some exciting color trends to look forward to. Scroll for our pink, blue, green, and violet thoughts.

“I typically go for muted hues and neutrals, but I do like a pop of pink from time to time. I want to test out the fun bubblegum pink trend rather than the more toned-down pink hues.” “I don’t know why, but it’s always been difficult for me to style army green. I’ve tried, but the few pieces I own in the shade, I just don’t gravitate towards on a regular basis, despite its popularity as a neutral hue. Instead, I’ve been loving brighter greens on the celery and emerald side. I’ve so much fun playing around with the brighter hues and contrasting them with other colors like purple and orange.”—Yusra Siddiqui “I’m phasing out most of the beige in my closet this year, although I’m keeping a few key staples. The head-to-beige look just isn’t one that feels fresh to me anymore, and instead, I’m looking to warm brown and tan tones as trendy neutrals du jour.”—Anna LaPlaca “I’ve always loved bright colors, but quarantine has really limited my wardrobe’s color palette to grays, beiges, and other neutral tones. This spring, I’m excited to re-inject colors and printed pieces back into the mix to bring my style back to life. I’m looking forward to pairing bubblegum pink and screen-printed pieces with my neutral basics for a simple reboot to my wardrobe.”—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman “To be totally honest, I typically stick to neutrals over bold colors in my wardrobe. With that in mind, last year’s popular electric green trend never really grabbed me. However, I have been gravitating toward forest green shades recently. To me, it feels as versatile as a neutral, while also adding a rich pop of color.”—Kristen Nichols “I went on a lilac binge about a year ago where I bought anything that remotely looked like the color, so now I have the lovely vestiges of this obsession in my closet. I’ve been trying to make it work for me lately, but my current style doesn’t really jive well with this soft and sometimes juvenile shade of purple. Instead, I’ve been loving the uplifting nature of creamy neutrals like oatmeal and pale yellow. They’re still of the neutral color family but are a less expected shade and are really flattering against my skin tone.”—Indya Brown I can’t say that I’ll be getting rid of it per se, but wow, I wear a lot of gray. I may even own more gray clothes than black. But with spring on the horizon (eventually), I’m planning on lightening things up with some cool pastels. Lavender is my favorite color, so that’s probably the one I’ll be shopping for first this spring. I don’t even care if it’s a trend or not. It makes me happy. “I own far too many beige clothes, and this year, I’m ready for a refreshing change. Instead, I’ll be leaning towards soft blue hues (inspired by Max Mara’s Resort Collection)—a color I’ve always loved which compliments my skin tone.”—Judith Jones “Even though it’s not true that you can’t wear white after Labor Day—just ask J.Lo—I don’t wear it as much these days because it’s not conducive to my lazy, low-maintenance quarantine style. (If you can even call it ‘style.’) White is just so easy to get dirty, so I’m wearing a lot more navy than I used to. Navy is a good dark color for me because black can look a bit harsh against my very pale skin.”—Erin Fitzpatrick “I definitely wore a lot of black in 2020 just because it was easy. Like many, I was feeling uninspired by my wardrobe and a look consisting of mainly black was the go-to. This year, I want to branch out and opt for colors that actually make me smile like bubblegum pink. This color feels fresh and exciting for spring and I think I will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it will be to style amongst my khaki pants and dark denim.”—Lauren Eggertsen

Next up, the anti-neutral color trend that will rule 2021.

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